at 500 m


at 2 Km


> Built-in
   - Thermal electric cooler (TEC) for Laser Diode (LD)
   - Pan/Tilt  mechanism for camera and Laser Illuminators
   - RTC with battery  back-up for maintenance and time      managements
   - Photo diode for auto on/off

> 500+ meter night illumination in total darkness
     based on Standard model

   - Longer range available upon special order

> Remote Control Functions
   - Camera controls
   - Video output :Analog or Digital MPEG4 (option)
   - Pan/tilt for camera and Laser Illuminators(P/T กพ5)
   - LD controls : on/off, intensity, temperature read out
   - Photo diode sensitivify control
   - Time of the day setting