Providing perimeter security for our borders and high value assets is critical to our safety and way of life. It can be monotonous and a never ending task. A security breach can suddenly become an extremely dangerous situation with potentially serious consequences if the threat is not contained.

Whitebox Robotics offers a security solution that removes personnel from danger and enables an instantaneous response to any threat. The patent pending software solution, Robot Open Control (ROC) software, enables a team of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) to function autonomously as individuals as well as collaboratively within a group. A collaborated team of UGVs will adapt to intruders by directing team members to an intrusion point while the remainder of the team continues to protect the perimeter and assets. The autonomous and collaborative capabilities of the ROC are what make this motion dynamics system possible and successful.

The realities of the post 9-11 demand constant surveillance and innovative security solutions. Robots are replaceable, fearless, and never hesitate to put themselves in harms way. They are tireless, never fall into a predictable routine, and always perform to their peak abilities. Mobile robots are part of solution that removes personnel from dull, dirty, and dangerous aspects of Perimeter security.

- Remote controlled and autonomous operations
- Amphibious 6x6 or 8x8 chassis

    - 30km/h on ground, 5km/h in the water max speed
    - 30 degree with up to 1 ton payload
    - 200 km range on 12 hours duty          
- Border patrol, facility security, asset protection, etc.