The Control station from Whitebox Robotics provides an automated solution by graphically presenting detected intruders and sounding an alarm. A real time animated Digital map of the protected area is displayed on the lower 24-inch LCD screen and the intruder¡¯s locations are overlaid on the Digital map as location data are received from the Ground Radar.

The Control station is usually placed in a higher security level area within the SCCC (Security Command and Control Center) because the Control stations are used to fire the RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon Station), as well as operate the UGVs and UAVs.

The Digital map displayed on the Control Station is repeated on the Virtual wall display located in the main SCCC area. Once intruders are detected, a long range camera is automatically pointed to identify the threat and the captured image is displayed on the upper 24-inch LCD screen. The operator can track the threats visually in real time or perform ¡°counter measures¡± by switching the Control station either to ¡°RCWS¡± or ¡°UGV¡± remote console instantaneously.

The Whitebox Robotics Control station can simultaneously monitor multiple radars and cameras while an independent Control station is required for each RCWS or UGV. Multiple Control stations and all other computer servers in SCCC are interconnected as a secured wide area surveillance network.

With a rich set of reporting, interfacing, administrative and user controls, the Whitebox Robotics Control station is an intuitive and easy-to-operate mini-annunciator for force protection and high value asset security applications.

> Permanent, temporary and mobile installations
> Networks and controls multiple radars and Cameras
> Distributed sensor network capabilities

> Intuitive, easy to operate
> Outputs location of intruders
> Operates multiple radars and cameras
> Displays camera video
> Interfaces to annunciators
> Supports other radar sensors
> Generates reports
> Supports background maps and mask zones
> size : 180cm (H) X 72cm (W) X 70cm (D)
> weigt : 156 kg
> Power Input : AC 110/220V 60Hz